Running Away From War
Location: Spain, Madrid
Nationality: Peruvian/Spanish
Biography: Guillermo is an independent photographer born in Lima, Peru and based in Madrid, Spain.  He studied photojournalism in Madrid and is currently working as freelance photographer, specialising in documentary photography. Previously, Guillermo... MORE
Public Story
Running Away From War
Updated Apr 2022
Location Polad-Ukraine
Topics Breaking News, civilian casualties, Combat, Conflict, Confrontation, Documentary, Editorial, Essays, Human Rights, Immigration, Journalism, Migration, Photography, Photojournalism, Refugees, Social Justice, Ukraine, War, War and its effects, Weapons

In February 24th 2022, Russian troops invaded Ukraine. The next day,80,000 citizens of the 
country left their homes to seek refuge in neighboring countries, according to data from UNHCR. A week later, the number rises to 1,200,000 Ukrainians displaced by the war, most of them women and children. According to UNHCR, up to four million people could leave Ukraine. Land transport has become the main escape route since the airspace was closed. Half of these refugees have crossed the borders into Poland, where a large community of Ukrainians already resides.
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