Geraldine Hope Ghelli

Documentary Photographer
Location: Brooklyn
Nationality: USA, Italy
Biography: Geraldine Hope Ghelli is an American-Italian freelance documentary photographer currently based in New York City. She is available for assignments world wide.
Public Story
Credits: geraldine hope ghelli
Date of Work: 09/29/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 06/05/18
"Catalonia’s lawmakers unilaterally declared independence on Oct. 28. That prompted Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to fire the entire Catalan government, dissolve the regional parliament in Barcelona and call local elections for Dec. 21 in a bid to restore control of the semi-autonomous region. 

Spain's efforts to thwart the Oct. 1 referendum triggered incidents of riot police storming polling stations and beating up voters, provoking outrage around the world. Though turnout was less than 50 percent and the ballot lacked the controls required to make it reliable, about 90 percent backed a breakaway."

Shot for Bloomberg News

By Geraldine Hope Ghelli —

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