Vedat Elmas

Dream on Cloudy
Location: London
Nationality: Turkish
Biography: Vedat Elmas was born  on July 9, 1985, in Haskovo province of Bulgaria. He and his family moved to Turkey with biggest Turkish emigration from Bulgaria in 1989- 1990 where he grow up until age of early 20's then moved to London, United... read on
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Dream on Cloudy
Credits: vedat elmas
Updated: 07/23/20
I always dreaming about to lie on the clouds, when i was a kid. I also remember that, if i so angry or if i wanna be alone, i was looking the clouds and i want to be on the top of them and watching the people, like a god.
Then, when i grove up and get my hobby of shooting the moment with camera, i realised, they can be a good composition of pictures. Just you need to be in good location. So, when i shooting with my camera, i always looking for good opportunity the capturing cloud for my composition.

1. Sunset Blue
2. Building the Clouds
3. Shadow of the Trees
4. Cloudy Window
5. Riding Bicycle on the Sky
6. 9th Fort
7. 9th Fort 2
8. Sunset in Bulgaria
9. Under Cover
10. London Eye
11. Westminster
12. Blue Sky
13. Ride Away
14. Move On
15. Kapi Kule
16. Richmond Park
17. Hampstead Heath
18. Reflection of Blue
19. Tower of London
20. 69- 63 High Street


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