Supranav Dash

Photographer/ Videographer
Location: Kolkata, India
Nationality: Indian
Biography: Supranav Dash shuttles between his hometown Kolkata, India and New York City. His work explores the themes of identity, gender, displacement, caste-class divide within the global socio-economic and political landscape.
British Journal of Photography on the Photo Vogue Festival 2017
supranav dash
Nov 22, 2017

 Vogue Italia's Alessia Glaviano on curating the Photo Vogue Festival
"The main issues in fashion currently are gender and identity, and a more inclusive image of beauty," says Alessia Glaviano. "It partially comes from Instagram - Instagram has made a big change." It's forward-thinking comment for someone known for...

By Supranav Dash —

News Spotlight

Photo Vogue Festival 2019 • A Glitch in the System, deconstructing stereotypes

By Supranav Dash — Honored to be part of this year's Photo Vogue Festival exhibition 'A Glitch in the System, deconstructing stereotypes', curated by..

Photo Vogue Festival

By Supranav Dash — 16-19 November 2017 - Milan 💥PhotoVogue/Visions💥 18 photographers from all over the world, selected by our international jury are going to be..
News Spotlight

on Vogue Italia

By Supranav Dash — Vogue Italia selects 'Holy Brahmin with Deformed Cow' as Pic of the Day 07.25.17. View here . 

Group Exhibition

By Supranav Dash — Final Week @vsopprojects to view my work along with other amazing artists!! Come out to Greenport and enjoy some Art. #marginaltrades #supranavdash..
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