Sarah Catherine Craig

Documentary Photographer & Radio Journalist
Great Works Dam
Location: California + Montana
Nationality: USA
Biography: Sarah Craig is a documentary photographer and multimedia storyteller based in Oakland, CA. A native of Bozeman, MT, she left the mountainous West to attend Vassar College on the East Coast, where she completed a B.A. in Geography. She attended... read on
Public Story
Great Works Dam
Credits: sarah catherine craig
Date of Work: 06/01/13 - 07/01/13
Updated: 05/25/18
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Freshwater mussels, ancient sewing machines, vintage coke bottles, and the arrival of green sprigs of grass appear on the receding banks of the Penobscot River during the removal of the Great Works Dam in Old Town, Maine. For over 180 years, dams along the Penobscot have blocked important fish species, such as Atlantic Salmon and American Shad, from reaching 1,000 miles of upstream habitat. The Penobscot River Restoration Trust, the Penobscot Indian Nation, and other NGO's have partnered to bring the river back to life and restore native fish populations, cultural traditions, and economic and recreational opportunities, while still maintaing hydro-power production along this beautiful waterway.

By Sarah Catherine Craig —

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