Jaír F. Coll

Documentary photographer
Location: Cali, Colombia
Nationality: Colombia
Biography: Jaír F. Coll (1997) is a colombian visual journalist whose work focuses on culture as a factor of social transformation. His photography, both intimate and colorful, has been exhibited at the Photo Vogue Festival 2021 and was selected in... MORE
Winner of the Lensculture Emerging Talent Award
jaír f. coll
Nov 2, 2023
Location: New York City
My project 'Black Baby Jesus was born in February' was recognized by the jury.
I was selected as one of the 25 winners of the Emerging Talent Awards 2023 by Lensculture with my personal project 'Black Baby Jesus was born in February', which I've developed since 2019.

"From hundreds of submissions, our international jury has selected 25 photographers as some of the most exciting new voices of the medium. Responding to the joys and diverse challenges of the times we are living through, each of our winners have honed their own distinct creative vision, showing enormous talent, undeniable potential and a sharp eye for powerful subject matter", announced Lensculture on its website.

My visual project has already been recognized in the past, with expositions in New York and Italy, as well as publication in international outlets like The Guardian and The New York Times.
Why This Town Has Celebrated Christmas in February for Nearly 200 Years
The Afro-Colombian residents of Quinamayó have followed a unique tradition: celebrating Christmas 40 days after the traditional date, a custom begun under the subjugation of slavery.
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Winner of the Everyday Projects Grant 2023

Jaír F. Coll

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Photoville Festival: Black Baby Jesus was born in February

Jaír F. Coll / New York City
Winner of the Lensculture Emerging Talent Award by Jaír F. Coll
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