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Biography: Mindy Kay Bricker is Foreign Policy's Executive Editor of Print. Before joining FP, she was the editor of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and, before that, the online managing editor of World Affairs journal. From 2002-2009, she was based in... MORE
The Power of Narrative Comics
mindy kay bricker
Jun 28, 2016
FP's Mindy Kay Bricker talks to writer Alia Malek and alternative cartoonist Josh Neufeld about telling the story of the Syrian refugee crisis through a comic.

View Full Podcast: here. 

Each of the millions of Syrian refugees who have fled their brutalized, unrecognizable homeland did so for uniquely personal reasons " the regime bombarding cities, the Islamic State threatening a return to the dark ages, the loss of jobs in a crumbling economy. Yet their quests cohered around one purpose: They all wanted better lives.

In the January/February issue of Foreign Policy, the odyssey of several refugees is presented in the form of a nonfiction comic, drawn by Josh Neufeld and based on firsthand reporting gathered by journalist Alia Malek.

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