Paolo Bona

Location: Milan
Nationality: Italy
Biography: ­­ More than 20 years on News photography and Sports photography, in the last few years also focused on Documentary photography and personal projects.
Public Story
Credits: paolo bona
Date of Work: 10/24/17 - 01/30/18
Updated: 11/09/18

Mr. Giovanni Repetto, 86 years old, has always been a farmer on the Appennini mountains, in Capanne di Marcarolo, a few houses on the border beetween Piemonte and Liguria, Northern Italy.
He lives alone with his his sister Maria, 88 years old, without television and cellphone, even because there is no signal up there.
He’s one of the last to resist at the hard life of montain farmers.
Last week the wolves killed 7 of his chicken outside the house.
He has a dog, 7 goats and 2 sheeps mainly to keep company to him.
He had a tuff life that he does not recommend to anyone.

By Paolo Bona —


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