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Bartosz Nowicki is a member of The DICE Project and a trustee of Third Floor Gallery. BioBartosz Nowicki is Polish born... read on


Bartosz Nowicki is a member of The DICE Project and a trustee of Third Floor Gallery. BioBartosz Nowicki is Polish born photographer and curator living in Cardiff, Wales since 2005. He is a trustee and curator of Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff. The gallery is renowned, not only in the UK, as an institution responsible for bringing the most exiting contemporary photography to Wales. In his photographic practice Bartosz primarily concentrates on the social issues that surround him and which impact on his personal life.In 2010, Nowicki's 'October' was chosen by Elisabeth Biondi (The New Yorker visuals editor), as part of the Source Graduate Photography's 2010 Selection. This same year Bartosz received first prize in 'Moja Wielkopolska 2010' competition and second in 'W obiektywie' ('In Lens') organised by Wspolnota Polska, one of the largest Polish emigration organisations in the world. His work was published online and in print. He has exhibited in London, Cardiff, Dublin, Newport, Warsaw, Poznan and many others locations. He also worked on the commissions such as Gracian Voices, supported by National Lottery Trust, a documentary movie about Exeter City Football Club, or Blue Not Red for the german magazine 11 Freunde. Recently he has published his first book City - The Season. Others about Bartosz:Elisabeth Biondi, Visuals Editor at The New Yorker (about 'October' on the SOURCE website):'Documentary photography can be linear, telling a story with a beginning and an end. Or it can be more complex - addressing political thoughts and ideas. Bartosz Nowicki's work achieves it's import by using words and pictures, meshing images with sentences and using layout creatively. He provokes and forces us to pay attention to what he wants us to know.'Ken Grant, University of Wales, Newport (in a support letter for Third Floor Gallery):'Bartosz Nowicki whilst being a gifted practitioner and contributing centrally to the design and development of the exhibitions, is also an eloquent and astute visual researcher, who has successfully completed research into both 19th century photographic practice and, more recently, the migration of populations through a contemporary Europe.'Contact and other details:mobile: +447889926037email: