Arleen Thaler

Rochester's New Americans
Location: Rochester, NY
Nationality: Lebanese American
Biography: Website/CV:   Arleen Thaler Photography    Arleen Thaler is a socially engaged photojournalist based out of Rochester, NY. She received her BA in Photography from Empire State College (ESC) and is currently working towards a MA in... read on
Private Story
Rochester's New Americans
The Rochester, New York area is home to a surprising number of people from war-torn countries, most of them women and children. Many come here not knowing the language. Many have never seen snow, let alone experienced the brutal upstate winters. Unbeknownst to them, the weather would be the last of their worries. The Edgerton neighborhood in Rochester has seen America's refugee population under siege with violence against them. These refugees are being placed in neighborhood with high crime rates, prostitution, zombie homes and a large amount of drug sales. Ove the past two years I have been working on immersing myself with our New American's and help to raise an awareness of their ordeal, we have much to learn from our new Somali, Nepalese, Bhutanese and Haitian friends to name a few. 

By Arleen Thaler —

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