Alexia Liakounakou

Photographer, Writer, Anthropologist
Big city
Location: Athens, Greece
Nationality: Greek - American
Biography: Alexia is a photographer an anthropologist. Her photographic work is at the intersection of art, documentary and visual ethnography,  without always neatly fitting into any of these categories.  Her studies were in History of Art (SOAS)... read on
Private Story
Big city
Credits: alexia liakounakou
Date of Work: 07/02/12 - 04/01/19
Updated: 07/11/19
Location: London

-- Big City

This project is inspired by daily life in London. It traces my own movement through the metropolis, and acts as a dedication to Charles Dickens's 'Night Walks', which records his aimless strolls around the city. And though the series is meant to focus on London's vibrancy and constant mobility, it simultaneously exudes a feeling of isolation and a lingering sense of loneliness, usually finding expression in the faces of its youth. 

By Alexia Liakounakou —

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