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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: Puerto Rican American
Biography: Adriana Teresa Letorney is the Founder, CEO & Creative Director of . She is also the co-founder of Scout Film Festival, which is dedicated to supporting and celebrating students and aspiring filmmakers worldwide aged 24 and... read on
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TIP: Add your email, phone number, any languages you speak, and your current location on your WEBSITE
adriana teresa letorney
Jun 19, 2017
I have recently seen a handful of editors and buyers expressing the importance of adding your email to your website. 

—ADD YOUR BASIC CONTACT: your email, phone number, any languages you speak, and current location.  
—FILL OUT FORM: If you are using a FILL OUT FORM on your website, please add your most basic contact information clearly available on the top of the Form.
—ALTERNATIVE: Add your email the bottom of your Menu Bar.

One editor noted that the photo editor should easily find your email, be able to copy & paste it and that all content producers should include their phone numbers, any languages you speak and where you are currently located.

HOPE THIS HELPS! Happy to share as many times as needed! I know that many students and emerging talent worldwide would not know this unless it is shared! So, please share with your colleagues regardless of whether they are Visura members or not! The more we work together, the stronger we will become! 


Adriana Teresa Letorney

ps. Thank you, Gina Martin for your constructive tips to photographers written on your Facebook page! You inspired me to make a post on this one particular tip for Visura members and others to read! We will share this info as many times as needed to empower new talent worldwide entering our industry and remind the one's who have been around for a while!


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