Rakesh Malik

Location: Vancouver, BC
Nationality: Canadian
Biography: Rakesh’s exploration into photography began with a trip to the Grand Canyon. The grandeur of the place inspired him to capture and share his experiences. Such grand places required a grand vision, so Rakesh began working with large format... read on
Awards News
Best of 2016
rakesh malik
Feb 9, 2017
This image was selected as one of the Best of 2016 on Pixoto.

I captured this during a shoot with model Monica English on a surprisingly cold June evening in the Cascades. The sky was cloudy, the sun was setting, I had her facing toward the brighest part of the sky, with the forest behind her. With the bright patch of sky above and in front of her, the light mimicked a classical Hollywood beauty light, giving her soft shadows that highlighted her elegant features.

In this shot, her hat hides her eyes. Normally, this is not ideal, but it has the effect of giving Monica an enigmatic look that evokes the femme fatale archetype from film noir, the mysterious woman whose beuty and mystery draws the hard-boiled private eye into the story.

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