Martina Albertazzi

Italian photographer. I work between Italy and the U.S. I am currently based in Los Angeles. Available for assignments.
Williamsburg all'italiana
Location: Los Angeles, California
Nationality: Italian
Biography: I am an Italian independent  photographer currently based in Southern California. I use portraiture and landscape photography to investigate contemporary and social issues that I care about. Born and raised in Rome, Italy, I have spent... read on
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Williamsburg all'italiana

Williamsburg all'italiana

East Williamsburg, Brooklyn "”my home for the past two years"” isn't all gentrification and vintage stores. There's a thriving Italian community keeping "old country" traditions alive. Beginning in July, I started documenting the East Williamsburg Italian community at the start of The Giglio Feast, a Catholic festival, that honors the patron Saint, San Paolino. The East Williamsburg celebration was brought by Italian immigrants from Nola, a small town in southern Italy, near Naples, over a hundred years ago.

Despite the celebration ending, I have continued to document the daily life of the Italians in East Williamsburg who have lived here for decades watching their neighborhood undergo substantial changes.

These are the first shots of my ongoing project.