Theresa Ortolani

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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: USA
Biography: Brooklyn-based Multimedia Artist  Theresa Ortolani is a PhD candidate at the European Graduate School's   Philosophy / Art / Critical Thought Division and a Dean’s Scholar in the   ICP-Bard... read on
Feature film and monograph, in progress ©TheresaOrtolani 2015
2016 PDN Photo Annual Multimedia Grant Winner
2015 Visura Multimedia Grant 1st place finalist: judged by Coburn Dukehart, National Geographic
2015 IPA/Lucie: Honorable Mention in eight categories: (Portrait, Culture, Photo Essay, 2x Deeper Perspective, 2x Moving Image)
2014 & 2015 New York Photo Festival Winner
2015 Seoul International Photo Festival Winner

"Saudade is a uniquely Portuguese term that has no direct English translation. It describes a deep sense of loss, longing, lack, melancholy and nostalgia for someone, or something, that is absent.... Saudade is a distinct mark of Portuguese language and culture. It has been said that this, more than anything else, represents what it is to be Portuguese." – Bell, 1912


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