Theresa Ortolani

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: USA
Biography: "Theresa Ortolani is that rare and particular type of artist who will not only consistently attempt to grow and define her work in ambitious and challenging ways, but she will ultimately succeed in making them happen – with an astute... MORE
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EverythingThatGathers B l o w s A w a y
theresa ortolani
Jul 21, 2016
Visura Artist, Theresa Ortolani, invites you to a group show at the Camera Club of New York / BAXTER ST on August 3rd 6-9pm

EverythingThatGathers B l o w s  A  w  a  y  features the work of twelve artists, curated by Abigail Simon.

exhibiting ARTISTS: esther BOESCHE, anthony HAMBOUSSI, rania KHALIL, izabela JURCEWICZ, wayne LIU, tamalyn MILLER, theresa ORTOLANI, abigail SIMON, hanna SOLIN, andrew SPANO, stephen SPERA, marina ZURKOW

[DE]COMPOS[ED] by Theresa Ortolani explores systems and boundaries between binaries "“ text/image, conscious/unconscious, corporeal/spiritual, focusing on the points at which these constructs converge, invert and decompose. These primarily lens-based images were crafted via various techniques: masking, piercing, sewing, drawing, digital imaging and printed in multiple layers. The original images vary in size, medium and technique. The final pieces were included in a handmade, limited edition 7 x 7" 50 plate artist book.

[DE]COMPOS[ED] selected as:
FRESH 2015 Finalist, Klompching Gallery
2015 International Photo Awards 2nd Place, Self-Published Book
2015 International Photo Awards 6 Honorable Mentions: Abstract, Book, Collage, Fine Art, Nude, Still Life

"When we deal with [Things] by using them and manipulating them, this activity is not a blind one; it has its own kind of sight, by wihich our manipulation is guided from." "“ Martin Heidegger, Being and Time

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