Stephanie Keith

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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: USA
Biography: Stephanie Keith has photographed news and features for the past fifteen years for the New York Times, Reuters, Getty Images and The New York Daily News. In 2017, Reuters, The BBC, The Guardian and NBC News chose a photo of hers from a... read on
Public Story
Vodou Brooklyn: Gede
Credits: stephanie keith
Date of Work: 11/01/14 - 12/06/14
Updated: 03/15/17

In a five-month period, from August 2013 through December 2013, I attended thirteen different Vodou ceremonies with every major “house” of Vodou in Brooklyn, following Vodou religious leaders to private apartments and basements across the borough.

I was initially attracted to Vodou because it seemed so unknowable, so misunderstood. How many times have I heard that Vodou is the Devil’s work? What I found was a large group of people connected through their faith, deriving great strength from Vodou and having a great time doing it. 

The idea is to interact with the Spirits in a direct, personal way and spiritual possession is the key. Vodou is a sustaining dialogue with a complex pantheon of Spirits both Haitian and African. It provides a focal point to reliving and redefining the history of the Haitian people.

Vodou in Brooklyn is a dynamic, expanding religion powered by young Americans


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