Alice Proujansky

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I am a photographer based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I have been photographing  Birth Culture  since 2006,  Working Mothers  since 2013 and The End of the Middle since this... read on


I am a photographer based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I have been photographing Birth Culture since 2006, Working Mothers since 2013 and The End of the Middle since this year.

My work has been supported by the Magnum Foundation, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, the Solutions Journalism Network and the Economic Hardship Reporting Project and was selected for the Review Santa Fe 2014. My photographs have been published by New York Magazine, the New York Times, the Nation, the Daily Beast, CBS, the Guardian, Harpers and others.

I’ve taught photography to at-risk young people and their teachers since 2002. I have given talks about photography education at New York University, Bank Street College and Photoville, and I'm establishing educational partnerships for Aperture's new community programs initiative.

I grew up in Greenfield, MA and graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Department of Photography and Imaging. I live with my husband, son and dog, and I love running, reading and making terrible jokes.