Peggy Ickenroth

Photographer and Videographer
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Location: Dublin, Ireland
Nationality: Dutch
Biography: Exhibitions International Photo Festival Leiden, The Netherlands, 2018 Head On Photo Festival Sydney, Australia, 2018 Photoville (with International Photo Festival Leiden), Brooklyn, USA, 2017 Biennale Dei Giovani Fotografi Italiani at the Centro... read on

Homes (work in progress)

After the economic crash in 2008, Ireland suffered one of the highest unemployment and emigration rates in decades.

Today, Dublin is a booming city and home to many of the European headquarters of big America tech-companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter to name a few.

While the economy is thriving and most people are doing well, the rents have increased at an incredible speed to incredible heights.

The number of people losing their houses and sleeping rough has risen ever since the ‘boom’ of the last years. According the latest numbers, published by HomelessDublin, in the spring of 2017 there were 161 rough sleepers in the Dublin region alone. This number includes only people that sleep in the open air, such as on the streets, or in doorways, parks or bus shelters. The total number of people that are confirmed homeless in the Dublin region in August 2017 is 2379.

Wherever you walk on the streets in Dublin, you see many hopeless people. This site creates a cruel contrast with all the luxurious restaurant, shops and offices in the background.

I was curious to know the reasons of how so many people became homeless in a country that is doing so well. With this project I want to give names to the many people forced living on the streets and show the environment of what many people in Dublin are forced to call ‘home’.


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