Neil Kramer

Photographer and Writer
Poland in 2022, the Trauma of the Past and Present
Location: New York City, NY
Nationality: American
Biography: Neil Kramer is a dynamic storyteller with twenty years of experience in photography, writing, and filmmaking.  His work combines humor and compassion in the telling of stories about personal relationships, including those from his own life. A... MORE
Public Story
Poland in 2022, the Trauma of the Past and Present
Copyright Neil Kramer 2022
Date of Work Jul 2022 - Jul 2022
Updated Jul 2022
Location Krakow, Poland
Topics Culture, Genocide, Holocaust, Jewish, Judaism, Krakow, Personal Projects, Photography, Poland, Refugees, Travel, Ukraine, War
Every summer in Krakow, Poland, there is a Jewish Cultural Festival. The city attempts to reconnect with the the city's Jewish past, which was erased during the Nazi era.

There was a different mood this year. Despite cries of never again, a new genocide was occurring in Ukraine. Comparisons are being made between Putin and Hitler. Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany - all the same actors are on stage again, but in different roles.  

The influx of Ukrainian refugees has knocked COVID-19 off the Polish national agenda, and the conservative government has made masking mandates political, but there is tension in the air. You can feel history in this country, and are constantly reminded of man's capacity for both good and evil.  

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