Kenneth Dickerman

Foreign Photo Editor
The Washington Post
Location: Washington DC
Nationality: American
Biography: Kenneth Dickerman is a photo editor at The Washington Post. He previously worked as a photo editor at MSN in Seattle and TIME in New York City. Before that, he worked as a freelance photographer specializing in politics and  conflict and his... read on

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Syrian refugees flee fighting on Turkish border

By Kenneth Dickerman — Extraordinarily powerful photos by Bulent Kilic...

Being a single father

By Kenneth Dickerman — Beatiful work from Washington Post staff photographer Jahi Chikwendiu..

Michel du Cille in Liberia

By Kenneth Dickerman — A very powerful group of pictures from inside the Redemption Hospital during the height of the Ebola crisis..

Pete Muller's coverage of the Ebola outbreak

By Kenneth Dickerman — This is one of the first pieces I edited when I arrived at The Washington Post in June of 2014. ..

Pregnant Syrian refugees in Jordan

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Boko Haram

By Kenneth Dickerman — This is work that I pitched and our wonderful photo blogger Nicole Crowder did all of the hard work of..

You Are Here by Eivind Natvig

By Kenneth Dickerman — http://

A fun recent post

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