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Poulomi Basu wins the 2017 FotoEvidence Book Award
fotoevidence press
Feb 21, 2017
Poulomi Basu, an Indian storyteller, artist and activist wins the 2017 FotoEvidence Book Award and a book of her project "A Ritual of Exile: Blood Speaks" will be published by FotoEvidence this year.

"A Ritual of Exile: Blood Speaks"
investigates the causes and the consequences of normalized violence against women in Nepal. Perpetrated under the guise of Hindu tradition, the root cause of this violence is the belief in the impurity of a women’s menstrual blood. Hidden, under-reported and unresolved, these women are untouchable and, as a result, this violence takes the form of ‘exiles,” a way to keep menstruation shrouded in mystery and taboo, a weapon to shame women into subservience. In a world that is ravaged by war, the media is often full of images of those affected by conflict but, for many, the conflict begins at home.

" This multidisciplinary project, combining still photography, virtual reality films and, now, a book, is designed to reach multiple audiences across different platforms, print, virtual and physical installations. I want to turn my audience into activists and crack open the veil of silence and shame around women whose lives are shattered by such gender based violence.” Poulomi Basu

The book "A Ritual of Exile: Blood Speaks" will reveal how the chaupadi ritual disrupts the lives of girls, exposes them to recurring danger and imposes unjust restrictions on women throughout their lives.

The hardcover book will contain approximately 60 images and associated texts.  It will be released in October, at the 2017 FotoEvidence Book Award Exhibit in New York.


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