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FotoEvidence was founded in 2010 to continue the tradition of using photography to draw attention to human rights violations, injustice, oppression, and assaults on human dignity wherever they may occur. Photographs have not only changed people’s perception but, in some cases, altered the course of history.

For seven years, the FotoEvidence Book Award recognized one photographer whose work demonstrates courage and commitment in the pursuit of social justice and, in 2017, FotoEvidence partnered with World Press Photo.  The book award was renamed the FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo. The selected project is published by FotoEvidence as part of a series of photo books dedicated to the work of photographers, whose commitment and courage deliver painful truths, creating awareness and intolerance towards violations of human dignity.

Beginning in 2018, The FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo winner and two finalists will be included in the World Press Photo exhibition mounted in many of the worldwide locations.

Past recipients of the award include: Javier Arceniilas for “Sicarios: Latin American Assassins”, Alex Masi for “Bhopal: Second Disaster,” Robin Hammond for “Condemned: Mental Health in African Countries in Crisis”, Majid Saeedi for “Life in War", Marcus Bleasdale for "The Unravelling", Daniella Zalcman for "Signs of Your Identity"and Josue Rivas for "Standing Strong".

Past finalists for the award include: Massimo Berruti, Valerio Bispuri, Paula Bronstein, Fabio Bucciarelli, William Daniels, Maxim Dondyuk, Michelle Frankfurter, Tanya Habjouqa , Jon Lowenstein, Fernando Moreles, Boniface Mwangi, Joao Pina, Andrea Star Reese, Vlad Sokhin, Lizzie Sadin, Lisa Wiltse, Mario Cruz, Hossein Fatemi, Ingetje Tadros, Narciso Contreras, Jan Grarup, Amnon Gutman, Alessio Romenzi ,Fabian Muir, Danielle Villasana and Zackary Canepari.

Members of the book award jury from 2010- 2015 include: Christophe Agou, Lys Anzia, Svetlana Bachevanova. Dimitri Beck, Annie Boulat, Ed Kashi, Olivier Laurent, Jean-Francois Leroy, Greg Marinovich, Regina Monfort, Mark Murrmann, Cheryl Newman, Andre Polikanov„ Reza, Joseph Rodriguez, Marcel Saba, Stephen Shames, Maggie Steber, David Stuart, Mikko Takkunen, Robert Nickelsberg, Alison Stieven-Taylor , Kelli Grant, Nina Berman, Elisabeth Biondi, James Colton,Eli Reed, Molly Roberts, John Stanmeyer, Lars Boering, Daniella Zallcman, Jen Tse and Peter van Agtmael.

Other Books In addition to publishing the winner of the FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo, FotoEvidence  has worked with several finalists to crowdfund the publication of a book of their work. As a result of these collaborations, FotoEvidence has published Crying Meri: Violence Against Women in Papua New Guinea by Vlad Sokhin, Urban Cave by Andrea Star Reese, Destino by Michelle Frankfurter and Occupied Pleasures by Tanya Habjouqa, Endurance by Omar Havana, This is My Country by Ingetje Tadros, The Dream by Fabio Bucciarelli, Talibes Modern Day Slaves by Mario Cruz and Gaza Girl: Growing up in the Gaza Strip by Monique Jaques. FotoEvidence also pioneered in the publication of digital photo books. When FotoEvidence published Bronx Boys by Stephen Shames, Paul Moakley at TIME Magazine called it, “one of the first true digital photo-monographs that can be downloaded to your computer.” (, August 16, 2011). Since then FotoEvidence has published a series of digital photo books available through the iTunes bookstore.

  • The Dream by Fabio Bucciarelli is selected among the  Best Photobooks of the Year 2016 by TIME magazine.
  • Signs of Your Identity by Daniella Zalcman among the Most Stunning Photo Books of 2016 by Mother Jones.
  • Signs of Your Identity by Daniella Zalcmanis selected as one of the Best Books of 2016 by Photo-eye.
  • The Unravelling by Marcus Bleasdale was selected as one of the best books of the 2015 by Smithsonian magazine and Mother Jones magazine.
  • Occupied Pleasures was selected as one of the best books of 2014 by TIME magazine.
  • Destino by Michelle Frankfurter was included among the best photo books of the year by Vogue Italy and Photo-eye in 2014.
  • Sicarios: Latin American Assassins by Javier Arcenillas was selected as one of the best books of the year by Photo-eye in 2012.
  • Black Tsunami by James Whitlow Delano received the PX3 Bronze Prize for digital photo books in 2012.

Success Crying Meri by Vlad Sokhin represents a rare triumph of social photography. After publication by FotoEvidence photographs from Crying Meri were adapted for public education campaigns by the United Nations, Amnesty International and several other NGOs working in Papua New Guinea. International attention and a public outcry by concerned citizens brought a response by the government of PNG, which passed the nation's first law prohibiting domestic violence in 2013 and, late last year, eliminated a law that forgave violence against "sorcerers."

The 2016 FotoEvidence Book Award finalist Mario Cruz has also seen his work Talibes Modern Day Slaves provoke and immediate response from the government of Senegal. Cruz gained rare access to false Quaranic schools (daaras) in Senegal where a valid educational tradition has been corrupted, leaving boys in the hands of exploitative teachers (mahouds) who forced them to beg on the street eight hours a day to support the teacher.  Cruz captured powerful and disturbing photographs of the lives of young boys subjected to slave-like conditions.
We published Talibes Modern Day Slaves on our website and he received recognition from World Press Photo, who exhibited his work in their traveling exhibit. In June, shortly after “Talibes Modern Day Slaves” came off the press, the President of Senegal, Macky Sali, ordered the registration of all daaras in Senegal, and effort to distinguish legitimate schools from exploitative ones.  He also orders the police to identify and assist boys begging on the streets and to close the schools that sent them out to beg.  The government also used Cruz’s photographs in a public education brochure alerting the public to the issue and encouraging them to report beggars and help identify illegitimate daaras.

The photographers and works published by FotoEVidence have been recognized with many other awards, including: multiple World Press Photo Awards, the W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic photography, the Visa Pour ['Image- Remi Ochlik Award, the Robert R Kennedy Photojournalism Award, Picture of the Year International, the National Press Photographers Association Award, World Understanding Award, and the Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund grant.