K. Flo Razowsky

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Nationality: U.S.
Biography: 2018 Magnum Foundation Photography and Social Justice Fellow. 2019 International Center of Photography Visual Journalism cohort. Since my first Instamatic I’ve spent my life using cameras to communicate myself to the world, including as an... read on
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Razowsky Portfolio
Credits: k. flo razowsky
Date of Work: 12/31/69 - Ongoing
Updated: 06/08/19
This portfolio represents work across several long-term projects and visual essays, including;

"Welcome to Palestine"
As an activist invited to witness the grassroots, non-violent Palestinian movement against Israeli occupation.

"Up Against the Wall"
A comparative visual investigation of our world's physical and evolving borders.

"Witness Bahrain"
As an invited activist to witness the Arab Spring movement.

A look at the crisis of homelessness in Los Angeles.
2018 for the Magnum Foundation Photography & Social Justice Fellowship