Dale Rio

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Nationality: American
Biography: I am a photographer who has been shooting and printing my own work for nearly thirty years.  I received an MFA in photography from Pratt Institiute in 1996 and a Fulbright Travel Grant and the Miguel Vinciguerra Grant in 1997.  Since... read on
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Credits: dale rio
Updated: 01/30/17
Superfund sites are those deemed contaminated or polluted by the Environmental Protection Agency, which then instigates clean-up plans tailored to each site.  These sites have the potential for negatively affecting not only the health of the surrounding environment, but that of local communities, as well.  They run the gamut from one-time toxic chemical spills to decades-long industrial contamination and can be found in various stages of the clean-up process. 
For some Superfund sites, their beauty belies the fact that the the area is hazardous, demonstrating that appearances can be deceptive and underscoring the importance of continued clean-up and monitoring. 


By Dale Rio —

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