Charlotte Schmitz

Location: Istanbul
Nationality: German
Biography: Charlotte has developed very consistent and original work about the issues that affect her as a young contemporary woman. She is building a very interesting narrative using compelling images to convey a deliberately personal approach. She has... read on
Public Story
Credits: charlotte schmitz
Date of Work: 12/31/69 - 12/31/69
Updated: 01/30/19
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Berlin - Tunis 

Najet Adouani, Tunisian poet and journalist, sent me to places in Tunisia, where she lived and used to write her poems. Today, she lives in exile in Berlin and can’t visit these places anymore. I brought her the polaroids, and she wrote memories and parts of her poems on them.

When Najet saw the photograph of her beloved rose, which she once had left behind, she began to cry. 

It’s color was pink.
(last polaroid)

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