Yeshan Zhang

Chinese Muslim
Location: New York
Nationality: Chinese
Biography: Yeshan Zhang was born in Kashgar, China and currently based in New York City who also goes by Jasmine. Growing up in a town with most people around were Chinese Muslim, she developed an interests about religions, race and subcultures. Her work... read on
Public Story
Chinese Muslim
Credits: yeshan zhang
Date of Work: 05/01/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 08/28/19

These photographs portray the social and cultural behavior of the Muslim communities in Xinjiang, China. Being born and raised in Kashgar, where over 90% of the populations are Muslims, I have witnessed how Uyghur culture and Chinese mainstream social culture integrated with each other in Xinjiang as both an insider and an outsider.

For doing this project, I am breaking the stereotype of seeing Xinjiang as a province related to terrorism. I captured the moments of Uyghurs' daily lives to show the humanity of this Xinjiang culture. This series shows the living conditions of Uyghur communities and also my understandings and interpretations about the different cultures from the perspective of a Han Chinese.

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