Etinosa Yvonne

Location: Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Biography: Etinosa Yvonne (b.1989) is a documentary photographer from Benin city, Nigeria. She considers photography to be a medium of expression and a tool to drive social change.  Etinosa leverages on the power of visual storytelling to create... read on

By Etinosa Yvonne —


It's all in my Head

By Etinosa Yvonne — It’s All In My HEAD - in progress An ongoing multimedia project that  explores the coping mechanisms of survivors of terrorism and..

Girls' Education: A prerequisite to fight climate change

By Etinosa Yvonne — Girls' Education: A prerequisite to fight climate change The Center for Girls Education is one of the few local NGOs that are striving to make..


By Etinosa Yvonne — A visual diary of the things that i see as i wander through earth. It features animals, things, people and places. No captions, just titles!

Science Saves

By Etinosa Yvonne — Science Saves May 2012,  Zainab gave birth to her first child, a baby boy. Shortly after giving birth, Zainab haemorrhaged. With the advice of..

Women's March 2019

By Etinosa Yvonne — On the 19th 0f January 2019, Women, Men and children marched in solidarity through the streets of Washington, DC for the annual Women’s..

Ekiti Decides!

By Etinosa Yvonne — On Saturday, the 14th of July 2018, the people of Ekiti came out en masse to cast their vote. Weeks before the election, citizens, election observer..

No Room For Lassa

By Etinosa Yvonne — During the first quarter of 2018, Nigeria experienced the worst outbreak of Lassa fever in 49 years. The outbreak led to the death of over a 100..

Calculated Living

By Etinosa Yvonne — Calculated Living is a series of photographs from different assignments that showcases how Marie-Stopes Nigeria is providing free family services..
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