Etinosa Yvonne

No Room For Lassa
Location: Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Biography: Etinosa Yvonne (b.1989) is a documentary photographer from Benin city, Nigeria. She considers photography to be a medium of expression and a tool to drive social change.  Etinosa leverages on the power of visual storytelling to create... read on
Public Story
No Room For Lassa
Credits: etinosa yvonne
Date of Work: 02/27/18 - 03/02/18
Updated: 10/14/18
During the first quarter of 2018, Nigeria experienced the worst outbreak of Lassa fever in 49 years.

The outbreak led to the death of over a 100 people in different parts of the country, March 2018.

No Room For Lassa chronicles the efforts made by the Alliance For International Medical Action to curb the spread of Lassa fever in the country.

*All images taken while on assignment for ALIMA

By Etinosa Yvonne —

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