Etinosa Yvonne

Location: Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Biography: Etinosa Yvonne (b. 1989) is a self-taught documentary photographer and visual artist born and brought up in Nigeria. She works with various art forms including photos and videos.  The primary focus of her work is on exploring and expressing... read on

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Building New Platforms for New Voices

By Etinosa Yvonne — In the last years there has been a growing number of online initiatives promoting African photographers to..

Exhibits Voices On The Wind

By Etinosa Yvonne — Voices on the Wind is a virtual installation of film, audio and photography that shares different..

Nigerian Women On Experiencing Gender-Based Violence

By Etinosa Yvonne — Nigerian Women On Experiencing Gender-Based Violence The global spread of COVID-19 has tragically seized..

Tackling violence against women {Interview with Etinosa Yvonne}

By Etinosa Yvonne — Tackling violence against women {Interview} | Africanews The images of young girls abducted by Boko Haram..

‘We need to live’: Young Nigerians on why they are protesting

By Etinosa Yvonne — ‘We need to live’: Young Nigerians on why they are protesting Protests against police brutality..
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on BBC: 'It takes strength to be a Nigerian woman'

By Etinosa Yvonne — Visual artist Etinosa Yvonne works with women in rural communities in Nigeria to change the way women are..
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SIERRA Magazine Feature

By Etinosa Yvonne — I spoke to Wendy Becktold about my Ongoing project, It's All In My Head . Read more here.   Etinosa..

Electric South Lab artist (2019).

By Etinosa Yvonne — Happy to be a Lab Artist at this years' Electric South Immersive Media Lab.  Meet the 2019..

THE FENCE Exhibition

By Etinosa Yvonne — The FENCE in Brooklyn will be on display from June 22 to early September.   It's all in my head..

on The Guardian: 'I fear they will return': survivors of violent conflict – in pictures

By Etinosa Yvonne — Nigerians who endured terrorist attacks are processing their trauma through photomontage portraits. The..
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