Kai Yokoyama

Special Children of Kattankudy
Location: Tokyo
Nationality: Japanese
Biography: Kai Yokoyama is a portrait and documentary photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. Starting out as an architecture student at Saitama University, he switched his major to photography and completed his studies at Tokyo College of Photography. After... read on
Public Story
Special Children of Kattankudy
Credits: kai yokoyama
Date of Work: 10/02/18 - 10/11/18
Updated: 11/27/19
Located in eastern Sri Lanka is the city of Kattankudy. In a country that is 70% Buddhist, nearly all of the city’s 40,000 residents believe in Islam. 40 students attend “Zahira Special School”, a school for children with disabilities. In Sri Lanka, Muslims and children with disabilities are considered minorities. Because of various problems, including poverty, few resources and prejudice, they receive little support from the country.
The school owns just two tuktuk (a three-wheeled bike) which are used to transport children to school every day. One of them was damaged by the tsunami waters of the 2004 Sumatra earthquake, which also damaged the school and surrounding area. The funds necessary to repair it has till not been received from the government. As such, many are unable to attend school because their families cannot afford to pay for bus fare or a taxi to get them there.
And sadly here is the place where there were criminals who attacked some cities by bombs this year. I'm going to photograph the present of these children after that tragedy.