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I miss the smell of jasmine in Palestine
Location: Tokyo
Nationality: Japanese
Biography: Kai Yokoyama is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. Starting out as an architecture student at Saitama University, he switched his major to photography and completed his studies at Tokyo College of Photography. He has traveled the world... MORE
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I miss the smell of jasmine in Palestine
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Updated Aug 2020
Location Tokyo
Topics Documentary, Gaza, Human Rights, Immigration, Islam, Japan, Loss, Palestine, Peace, Photography, Photojournalism, Spotlight, Tokyo
“The war has begun again.”
A woman from Gaza Strip in Palestine said.

On November 12, 2019, 34 people have died by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza Strip.
She doesn't usually watch Palestinian news. But she had known the news that day because her brother sent her a message. She says that she doesn't want to be connected with being a Palestinian.

In October 2018, in Palestine, she told her family that she would return after two months. She left her homeland via Israel and Jordan and arrived in Japan in 2019 to start a new life without returning to Palestine. She hasn't seen her family since the day she left.

 “My father died of cancer due to the banned chemical weapons in Gaza. He asked me to cut his nails. It was just before he died and it was difficult to cut them by himself. I haven't told my family all that happened in Japan. I don't want them to worry. I miss the smell of jasmine in Palestine."
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I miss the smell of jasmine in Palestine by Kai Yokoyama
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