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K-pop, You Are My Happiness
Location: Connecticut, USA
Nationality: South Korean
Biography: I'm based in Hartford, Connecticut and available for freelance work in CT, NY, MA and RI. I was born and raised in South Korea and moved to the U.S. in my early twenties to live a life doing what I'm passionate about – telling... MORE
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K-pop, You Are My Happiness
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Date of Work Apr 2019 - Ongoing
Updated Jan 2022
Location south korea
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The popularity of K-pop, a genre of music originating in South Korea, is on the rise.
Accordingly, fan culture that used to be unique in Korea is spreading to western countries. In honor of their favorite stars, fans in Asia donate their blood and money for the stars’ birthdays. Western fans are learning the dedicated, loyal, and hard-working Korean fan culture. Western fans practice Korean chant songs and choreography to dance in sync with K-pop music. They study their favorite stars’ detailed information, such as their favorite colors and blood types. The influence can also be seen in fans enjoying K-pop-related tattoos, fashion, and dance clubs.
“They really helped me to understand that bad things do happen, but they make me who I am and they are a gift in a weird way,” Arionna Gonsalves, 25, in Maryland, says about BTS, a K-pop group whose album title became her first tattoo. “I understand loss a lot more than I did before I started listening to BTS.”

This photo essay asks K-pop fans like Gonsalves in Korea, Denmark, and the U.S., "Why do you love K-pop? What does K-pop mean to you? How does K-pop influence you?"
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K-pop, You Are My Happiness by Yehyun Kim
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