Marjan Yazdi

Documentary Photographer
The Green Stage
Location: Iran
Nationality: Iranian-Canadian
Biography: Marjan Yazdi is an Iranian-Canadian freelance documentary photographer. She has received her degree in professional photo-imaging at Langara College, Vancouver, Canada. Upon her graduation, she returned to Iran to pursue a professional career as a... read on
Public Story
The Green Stage
Credits: marjan yazdi
Updated: 02/22/21
Location: Iran
Stepping into the small factory in the city of Yazd, you observe a theatrical scene you would never anticipate. Opening the door to another era of history, you are amazed by the natural light coming through the skylights, fascinated by the architecture, and modest, kind people who you would not usually run into behind the Mazari(henna grinding factory) door.
You are invited to an unexpected play, by every movement of the workers you see an aesthetic performance being lit by the stage lighting, the skylight. The players are all Afghans, who have been working there for decades. This ancient business is being relied on these immigrants.
Dry warm climate has made the desert city of Yazd the only city in Iran which makes henna grinding possible. The process is dating back to 700 years ago. Very few workshops are still running the business. in the old days the huge millstone being rolled over the henna leaves by the camels. Motors being run by the power of electricity has replaced the camels around 90 years ago. The product is being exported to more than 10 countries in the world, which Russia and Germany are two main destinations.

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