Marjan Yazdi

Documentary Photographer
Location: Iran
Nationality: Iranian-Canadian
Biography: Marjan Yazdi is an Iranian-Canadian freelance documentary photographer. She has received her degree in professional photo-imaging at Langara College, Vancouver, Canada. Upon her graduation, she returned to Iran to pursue a professional career as a... MORE
Public Story
Copyright Marjan Yazdi 2023
Date of Work Oct 2016 - May 2017
Updated Feb 2021
Location Iran
Topics Documentary, Fine Art, Lifestyle, Photography
I was always fascinated by the way people find peace in their time spent alone. In Iranian society, this can be even more interesting, since Iranians have a very unique lifestyle that is instructed by cultural and traditional views being passed down through generations. Through this series of work I have tried to capture the intimate moment. We all need that one activity in life to make us take our minds off of our daily lives and take us to that intimate and calm state of mind.  Through this series I have captured some of these moments which each represents its own unique theme and setting.

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