Sofía Yanjarí

Triple negative
Location: Santiago, Chile
Nationality: chilean
Biography: My documentary work has a main interest in social issues, in topics such as human rights, migration, feminism and news coverage. I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Painter degree from Universidad de Chile. And also have the title of... MORE
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Triple negative
Copyright Sofia Yanjari 2023
Date of Work Jul 2018 - Ongoing
Updated Nov 2021
Location Santiago, Chile
Topics Cancer, Documentary, Emotion, Health/Healing, Journalism, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Spotlight
Sonia Aburto, a 59 year-old woman and an independent kinesiologist, was detected with a very aggressive breast cancer, in stage 4. 
A Triple Negative cancer.
In July 2018, she went from treating patients to becoming one. The physical changes, characteristic from the disease and the treatments are evident, but the feeling of weakness, vulnerability or loss of independence are not so visible.
The word Cancer is a paralyzing and frightening word that makes us face the possibility of unexpected death. Dealing with the disease on the domestic sphere is a mainly feminine task, time and society have defined it this way, especially in Latin American societies where machismo is still deeply rooted in our customs.
Even when the person who takes care of the rest is the one who gets sick, the courage to be a woman is evident.
Worker, mother, daughter, woman, cancer patient and fighter, she gets up every day to face life, her illness, to take care of her sick mother and the operation of her home. Without tragedy, without victimization, simply with acceptance.
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Triple negative by Sofia Yanjari
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