Woong-jae Shin

Location: New York
Nationality: South Korean
Biography: Shin Woong-jae is a South Korean photojournalist base in New York and Seoul. He majored Linguistics and also studied Semiotics in Korea University in Seoul, South Korea before starting photography. His studies in semiotics led him to brand... read on
Photo Brigade Podcast #111 with Shin Woong-jae
woong-jae shin
Aug 5, 2016
Last Summer, I had a great opportunity to share my long term project at Photo Brigade hosted by Elizabeth Griffin. It helped me to push the project forward in better way. After a year, thanks to my good friend and colleague Robert Caplin, I had a great privilege to present my works and vision at one of the greatest format in photo community again. This event provided me a good opportunity to look through my works so far, to cultivate my commitment and to recharge myself. I hope my conversation with Robert would inspire you in some degree. Enjoy.



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