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Founded by Val Edmondson—Warrior Angels Rescue is an initiative that charters flight companies to provide evacuation flights to children, pregnant mothers, and other people with urgent medical needs that need to be evacuated. 


Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico with winds of 155 miles an hour, leaving the United States commonwealth on the brink of a humanitarian crisis. The storm left 80 percent of crop value destroyed, 60 percent of the island without water and almost the entire island without power. We are only now beginning to see the impact and damage that this storm will have on Puerto Rico for many months to come. 

When someone says their family is 'ok' or 'good' it simply means they have survived. 

Warrior Angels Rescue was established to cut through the bureaucratic red tape and set up evacuations for those most desperately in need. There is no power or clean water on the island so it is essential to get these American citizens to clean hospitals as soon as possible. We have set up a team of volunteers across the US bringing chartered planes filled with supplies and leaving with people.  

Note from the Founder, Valerie Edmondson: 
My name is Valerie Edmondson Bolaños and I am a Puerto Rican native and graduated from high school from Saint Johns.  

Ever since the hurricane hit Puerto Rico, I have been heartbroken and working tirelessly to find a way to help people there.  I have been working with charter flight companies to provide evacuation flights to these desperate individuals.  The companies have generously offered to provide the flights AT COST.  We are asking individuals who can afford to pay for the flights to pay for them, however, we are collecting donations to cover the cost for these children, pregnant mama's and cancer patients who cannot afford it.  


Please do whatever you can to help! 

Thank you!