Walker Wooding

Audio Producer/Videographer/Photographer
Remembering Vanessa
Location: Houston/Gulf Coast-Texas region
Nationality: U.S.
Biography: Through his storytelling journey, Walker Wooding has often crossed paths with narratives rooted in faith, identity, survival, memory and other encounters. Over that time he has collaborated on producing staff-and-freelance driven audio, images and... read on
Public Story
Remembering Vanessa
Credits: walker wooding
Updated: 01/25/21

Slain Army Spc. Vanessa Guillén will have a memorial gate at the base where she is believed to have been killed named after her, Fort Hood officials have announced. Murals across Houston and the United States paying tribute to her began to go up days after the news confirming her death. Artists Roland Saldaña and Marcos Del Bosque created this Southeast Houston mural located along the back wall of Power House Gym Houston at Park Terrace Blvd. and Galveston Rd.