Roza Vulf

Loved Town
Location: Rome, Italy
Nationality: Lithuanian
Biography: Roza Vulf is a Lithuanian artist photographer whose work is known to be free from restrictions to a single photographic style, yet characterized by a firm emphasis on a chosen subject.  After living in Germany for a decade, she resides now in... read on
Public Story
Loved Town
Credits: roza vulf
Date of Work: 04/26/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 12/11/19
Location: Wilson, NC
“Wilson was once a centre of tobacco cultivation in North Carolina, but has since transformed into a diverse and balanced economy with a fast-growing multicultural population. Wilson is an active, beautiful small town, where the history, traditions and modern life are ideally blended. I would call Wilson a ‘loved town’ — with so much love one feels while listening to the locals speak about their community”