Roza Vulf

Location: Rome, Italy
Nationality: Lithuanian
Biography: Roza Vulf is a Lithuanian artist photographer whose work is known to be free from restrictions to a single photographic style, yet characterized by a firm emphasis on a chosen subject.  After living in Germany for a decade, she resides now in... read on
Public Story
Credits: roza vulf
Date of Work: 11/17/19 - 11/19/19
Updated: 12/12/19
Location: Venice, Italy
It is rather difficult to say something new about Venice as the city has been described and introduced in all possible art forms, being an inspiration for everyone who stepped onto its “floating" pavement.
Being one of the most elegant and extraordinary cities of the world, built on an impossible surface - water. Venice possess the power to turn everyone towards a romantic mood. "The masque of Italy, the pleasant place of all festivity" that is how Lord Byron called it.
Unfortunately, sometimes, the reality of high water and flooding hits the splendour of the magical town and there is no place any more for the festivities - but the struggle. Those are very sad days for the Venetians, who have to survive their day-to-day life, that is heavily affected by the water.
Walking through the streets of Venice on the following day after the flooding in November gave me "food for thought” on how an impossible city was built by the tireless habitants, and how their devotion gave them the strength to carry on until now.