Victor M. Perez

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
Location: Madrid, Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: I make images as a primal and deep reaction to many years of drifting and floating around the world in airports, hotels and streets without having really been there. I now combine photography with consulting.  My images and photographic... MORE
Public Story
Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
Copyright Victor M. Perez 2022
Date of Work May 2014 - Ongoing
Updated Sep 2018
Topics Conceptual, Fine Art, Photography, Street
The images at Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere relish on life and being alive, depicting both the desperation to make sense of the world around us, and the joy of our presence in it.

The people in them could be Anyone, since race, religion, or even gender are not relevant; only age matters as a resemblance our own journey through life. They could have been taken Anytime, at different times of the day or night; only the way light affects the subject and dictates the mood is important. And they could be from Anywhere, and in fact have being taken in 20 countries and 4 continents since 2015; only the intimate and evocative environment that wraps the subject is relevant.  

No one, no time, and no place is relevant. The important thing is our collective presence in the world and with others in it. Strangers who share their life journeys with ours, if only for a moment, in a surreal, evocative and intimate togetherness.

Selection of images in the web exactly the same and same order than exhibited at the Milano Leica Gallery from June 28th till September 10th 2018.
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