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Tipping Point: Balancing Photojournalism, Motherhood and Covering Trauma
Copyright Women in Global Development Leadership Forum 2022
Updated May 2022
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Event: Women's Leadership Forum 
Location: Online
Date: May 18, 2022
Time: 7am EDT
Speakers: Sarah Leen and Smita Sharma

Sarah Leen will lead a conversation with photojournalist Smita Sharma about her longterm work on sex and domestic trafficking of young girls in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Smita, who worked partially on this project while pregnant with her first child, will talk about how to balance motherhood, covering trauma and her life as a photographer. Her work has been published in the National Geographic magazine, included in a Ted Talk and will be the subject of an upcoming book, We Cry in Silence, publishing this fall by FotoEvidence.