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El Salvador / To take the streets
Location: Santiago, Chile
Nationality: CHILE
Biography: Cristóbal Venegas Vásquez (1989)  is an independent photographer based in the city of Santiago, Chile. His vision focuses on Human Rights, migration, gender violence and environmental crises. Currently, he works as a freelance... MORE
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El Salvador / To take the streets
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Date of Work Oct 2021 - Ongoing
Updated Nov 2021
Location El Salvador
Topics Activism, Arts, Beauty, Celebrity, Culture stories, Documentary, Editorial, Freedom, Gay, Gay Rights, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Journalism, Latin America, Lesbian, Love, Nude, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Transgender
Lady Drag decides to leave the bar and the disco, to take the streets, to give visibility and shape to what simply as Marvin was missing. She does it as a social strategy, as a political discourse.

Marvin Pleitez was actively involved in the campaign of the New Ideas Party, who had Bukele as their presidential candidate.He trusted, defended and promoted the political project, mainly from his struggle and inclusion of the LGTBI+ movement in the society of El Salvador.
After almost two and a half years of government, the State has withdrawn important social projects. Great campaign promises were forgotten and important social projects were eliminated.
From this feeling of betrayal is that Ladydrag becomes a public figure.

Exposing oneself as a Drag Queen in El Salvador means receiving both criticism and applause. Questioning, mockery and persecution, as well as support and ovations.
But Marvin goes beyond the fear of discrimination. He overcomes that barrier and exposes himself in favor of an idea, a concept, a political discourse and a social concern. Lady seeks questioning, analysis. She is interested in contributing to society and to the minority sectors, who have always been stigmatized.

The artist does not seek to be a woman, nor to feel like one. This character is professionally built, it is designed to represent an extroverted, disorderly, haughty and unpunctual woman, who does not care about what people say. She is the opposite of Marvin, who is a university professor of contemporary dance and theater, is a scenic artist and is rather introverted.
What differentiates the two is that Lady remains a fictitious character, and it is Marvin who continues to live with his environment and with the burden of representing LadyDrag in society.
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