James Reade Venable

Interactions Of The George Floyd Protests In NYC
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Nationality: American
Biography: James Reade Venable ( b. 1978, USA) is a photographer based in New York City and Brussels. His photos have been published in several Art publications including, 3 Elements Review and The Moving Force Journal. Since the mid -2000's James has... read on
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Interactions Of The George Floyd Protests In NYC
These are photos I captured during my attendance at a couple of the protests I attended in NYC this week. Only one photo I captured showed Police physically handling a protestor in Times Square. The other photos captured a successful protest and march in Astoria, Queens. It started out at the 114th Precinct then made it's way down Astoria BLVD then back and forth along Steinway street. The protesters were loud and boisterous but not destructive or threatening to the cops. The NYPD was very well prepared for this protest blocking off the necessary routes, making the march go smoothly. I tried to capture images that could represent peace and unity, and just a simple observation of all parties involved. The march ended with all the protestors sitting in silence for eight minutes plus to magnify the amount of time George Floyd was being suffocated. This was very resonating. As I sat there quiet, I realized that the silence amongst the crowd was louder then any screaming, rioting or destruction that could occur. Eight minutes is a very long time. even when you can breathe.

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