Valentin Bianchi

Setsubun Festival at Zojoji Temple in Tokyo
Location: Liège
Nationality: Belgian
Biography: Valentin Bianchi is a Freelance Photojournalist based in Liege, Belgium. Not far from the borders with Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. He started his career as a Freelance Photographer in 2009. His journalistic work focuses on... read on
Public Story
Setsubun Festival at Zojoji Temple in Tokyo
Credits: valentin bianchi
Date of Work: 02/03/20 - 02/03/20
Updated: 02/18/20
Location: Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan. February 3, 2020. Every year this festival, celebrated by thousands of Japanese people, aims to mark the arrival of Spring in the country. 
They gather in large numbers at different sites in the capital with the firm intention of catching beans that bring happiness and also help to banish demons from their homes. 
Without a doubt, the site of Zojo-ji temple not far from Tokyo Tower is the place most prized by the inhabitants of Tokyo. A frenzy seizes them and catching these beans becomes a challenge.

By Valentin Bianchi —


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