Valentin Bianchi

Rush to Sweden
Location: Liège
Nationality: Belgian
Biography: Valentin Bianchi is a Freelance Photojournalist based in Liege, Belgium. Not far from the borders with Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. He started his career as a Freelance Photographer in 2009. His journalistic work focuses on... read on
Public Story
Rush to Sweden
Credits: valentin bianchi
Updated: 05/11/20
Location: Hognoul
Following the spread of the Covid19 Coronavirus in Belgium and in order to fight effectively against it, Belgium has been placed under lockdown since 18 March 2020. Since then, non-essential stores have been closed. 
Following the latest announcements of the National Security Council, deconfinement has been in progress since May 4th. We are talking about a progressive end of containment. The first shops to reopen were haberdashers and other businesses for which teleworking was impossible. 
May 11th marks the beginning of the reopening of all shops except for the Horeca. 
Long before the opening of the Ikea store in Hognoul near Liège, hundreds of customers came to wait in line on the car park. Braving the wind and the cool morning. 
Meanwhile, the store's teams are preparing this massive arrival. Strict measures of social distancing must be respected and the respect of sanitary instructions as well. Not all services will be available at this reopening. 
It is 10 o'clock... Opening and reception of the first customer! 


By Valentin Bianchi —


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