Valeria Ferraro

Afro Fashion Week in Milan, Italy
Location: Milano
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Valeria Ferraro is a freelance photographer based in Italy, focusing on social and political issues. Contributor for SOPA Images (works published on Welt, Liberation, Internazionale, Il Manifesto, Die Zeit online, CNN, and others). She is... MORE
Public Story
Afro Fashion Week in Milan, Italy
Copyright Valeria Ferraro 2023
Date of Work Sep 2019 - Sep 2019
Updated Feb 2020
Location Milano
Topics Advertising, Black and White, Editorial, Fashion, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Spotlight, Stock
The fourth edition of the Afro Fashion Week organized by Michelle Francine Ngonmo (president, originally from Cameroon), and Ruth Akutu Maccarthy (vice-president, originally from Ghana). The event promotes and spreads works from African designers and those inspired by Africa.
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Afro Fashion Week in Milan, Italy by Valeria Ferraro
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