Valeria Ferraro

Location: South Italy
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Valeria Ferraro is a freelance photographer based in Italy, focusing on social and political issues. Contributor for SOPA Images (works published on Welt, Liberation, Internazionale, Il Manifesto, Die Zeit online, CNN, and others). She is... MORE
"IMMIGRANTOPOLIS" a collective photo book By dotART and University of Kracow
valeria ferraro
Jul 27, 2019
Location: Trieste
A collective photo book focused on the presence of immigrants in urban space, created by Italian cultural association dotART through its platform Exhibit Around together with the Department of Sociology of Culture Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland. Official presentation 26 October 2019 at Trieste Photo Days festival, Italy.
Immigrantopolis photographers
Alba Papandrea, Alexander Pfeiffer, Andrey Pronin, Gianluca Aggi, Antonino Clemenza, Beppe Castellani, Carlo Barberio, Carlo Silva, Christine Osinski, Claudia Bouvier Calderone, Daniel Hoffman, Daniele Dipaola, Daniele Ficarelli, Eric Davidove, Eugenio Novajra, Fabrizio Liuzzi, Federico Wilhelm, Foughali Meryem, Gerry Atkinson,, Giorgio Galli, Giorgio Martinale, Giuliana Conte, Graziano Perotti, Guido Caltabiano, Hormoz, Ignasi Raventos, Iwona Biedermann, Javier Céspedes, Jeannette Muller, Jim Gielier, John Sevigny, Juan Carlos Marzi, Judi Bommarito, Larry Silver, Lucilla Loiotile, Luigi Avantaggiato, Marco Biancardi, Maria Pansini, Mariolino Laudati, Maryna Kornilevska, Massimo Tabasso, Mattia Vacca, Michele Andreossi, Michele Cirillo, Michele Ginevra, Michele Paggetta, Miyuki Okuyama, Nadezhda Ermakova, Nathanael Fournier, Never Edit, Nino Evola, Ogulcan Arslan, Paola Fiorini, Pericles Loucopoulos, Rachel Harpaz, Riccardo Moretti, Roberto Gregori, Ross J. Deane, Rossella Giacomelli, Sara Fusini, Serge Bouvet, Shahab Naseri, Simon Beraud, Stefanos Chronis, Stepan Rudik, Tahir Ün, Tobia Marengo, Tomasz ā†wiertnia, Valentina Bollea, Valeria Ferraro, Zoltan Toth.
In the first half of the XX century, Andreas Feininger, the photographer known as “the architect of the picture”, while wandering the streets of Lower Manhattan, managed to grasp a daily life of immigrants who were concentrated in the area, attempting to build their own communities. Immigrant enclaves – just like a skyscrapers – entered the New York’s landscape, becoming an urban phenomenon. Following Feininger’s footsteps, we have created the Photography Project Immigrantopolis. Immigrants have long been the actors of the urban scene. In general: they settle mainly in cities, they build their own ethnic communities in these cities, they create ethnic infrastructure in urban space, they enter into the urban landscape, transforming it constantly, and finally becoming a part of local/urban collective memory. Immigrants create history and contemporary social reality of the cities. It is impossible to delineate and capture the image of the contemporary city without capturing its immigrants contexts.
The Immigrantopolis Project aims at visualizing the existence and presence of immigrants in urban space. The project also a part of attempts to find new ways of exhibiting and discussing the present and the future of immigrants as an urban phenomenon.
The project is designed as a collaborative endeavor of scholars, curators, photographers and is hosted by dotART, a Trieste (Italy) based cultural association, with the substantive support of Anna FiÅ„ from The Department of Sociology of Culture Pedagogical University in Krakow, Poland.
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