Valeria Ferraro

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Location: Milano
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Valeria Ferraro is a freelance photographer based in Italy, focusing on social and political issues.  She is fascinated by people voicing out their ideas and positions in public spaces but also, recently, she started approaching documentary... read on
Prima Visione 2018
valeria ferraro
Feb 12, 2019
Location: Milano

 The exhibition titled “Prima Visione. I fotografi e Milano” (Sneak previews. Photographers and Milan) has been organised since 2006 by Galleria Bel Vedere which has collaborated with the Italian association of photo-editors since 2010. Each year, it invites photographers based in Milan or just passing through to submit their take on the city. An opportunity to take stock of the evolution of this Italian metropolis.
 Exhibition: Prima Visione I fotografi e Milano 2018 | Livegreenblog
Read The exhibition titled “Prima Visione

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